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Currency Buy Price Sell Price
AED 4.6208 4.7577
EUR 19.4111 19.7599
GBP 22.5711 22.9606
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Housing Saving Account


- The account is opened in the Egyptian pound or foreign currencies (American dollar/euro/sterling pound).


- The minimum for opening the account is EGP 250.00


- The customer is free to deal with the account either using the paper book in which case the withdrawal and deposit shall be carried out directly via the branches of the bank directly or via the e-Saving account in which case the account shall be issued in the local currency only (Egyptian pound) and the withdrawal or deposit carried out via the ATMs numbering 123 at any time during the week, 24 hours a day using the HD Bank Master Card.


- The account holder may obtain a residential unit from those available at the bank pursuant to the priorities determined by the computer (book balance + deposit period) provided that the balance of the book would reach the equivalence of 25% of the value of the residential unit.


- Borrowing is allowed by the collateral of the account deposits until 90% of their value by simplified procedures.


- A return is calculated as of the month following the deposit (credited on 31 Dec. of every year).


- No return is calculated on the account opening minimum (EGP 250.00).