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Exchange Rates
Currency Buy Price Sell Price
USD 17.24 17.34
GBP 22.5711 22.9606
KWD 56.0911 57.4447
SAR 4.5411 4.6817
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Corporate Governance:


Our business is based on sound risk management and corporate governance, underpinned by transparency and integrity

HDB  is committed to ensuring that it maintains high levels of transparency and accountability as well as providing a functionally independent environment from which to carry out business activities.

Our Board of Directors and management are committed to comply with the highest ethical corporate governance standards and international best practices.

Our Board's primary responsibility is to provide effective governance over the Bank's affairs for the benefit of our shareholders and to balance the interests of our diverse stakeholders, which includes the investors, customers, employees, suppliers, regulators, government and local community.

The Board plays a key role in approving and overseeing the organizational strategy, principal policies, risk appetites, senior appointments and the supervision and remuneration of the senior executives.