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Exchange Rates
Currency Buy Price Sell Price
USD 17.87 17.96
GBP 23.3142 23.7892
KWD 56.1887 59.4261
SAR 4.6972 4.7907
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Corporate Services


HDB can offer the following services:


  • Finance different kinds of projects (real estate, tourism, commercial, industrial and services projects).

  • Finance capital expenses as well as operation expenses

  • Issue all types of letters of guarantees

  • Issue letters of credits to finance import and export transactions through a wide network of correspondents worldwide.

  • Flexible and fast procedures to comply with the international commercial activity.

  • Joint current accounts are allowed if single signature is permitted for any partner. The account owners have the right to withdraw, deposit and transfer from and to the account. Dealing with sutch accounts can be per banking power of attorney from the accounts owner. It can also be by using chequebook issued by the responsible branch to collect cheques, bills & transfers and add it to the current account.

  • 3 years’ deposits with competitive annual interest rate (10%) paid each 3 month are allowed for the Bank’s non-individual customers.